Ready Self-Mades
BA (Hons) Product Design, Central Saint Martins London, 2011

Student living, squatting and anti-squatting represent deviations from traditional, long-term tenancy agreements. This project encourages young people living in short-term housing to create their own kit of tools to assemble outdated electrical appliances, books, or structural packaging to form functional ‘temporary furniture‘. ‘Ready Self-Mades’, therefore, re-defines the value of everyday objects.

I decided to develop a system of tools to combine ‘unwanted’, valueless objects such as outdated electrical appliances, books and structural packaging to form functional ‘temporary furniture‘.

As oppose to ‘traditional’ design projects the visual outcomes that I am presenting here do not form the project, they are merely examples of possible outcomes. Through workshops of ‘ad hoc object making‘ individuals have explored their own creativity and created furniture by using the above described system of tools which they have created themselves with help of simple graphic instructions.

In order to detach the project from myself as its designer and to try and establish its independence as a thing in itself, the project features the design of an interactive community space, a platform to share local information on sources of materials, such as skips, junk yards, flea markets, construction sites and options to submit additions to the range of tools through publishing instructions. This project explored experimental approaches to furniture making and use in the context of proliferating short-term housing in recession-ridden London. Techniques applied during the research phase for this project include observational photography, interviews, textual research, collective workshops and experimentation.