If you are in search of a writer and designer with experience of producing critical, reflective articles, dialogical interviews and experiential documentations for your online or print publication, get in touch! I'm also available as a speaker and have experience with hosting events as well as educational classes and workshops on critical design, speculative design, situationist actions and DIY culture.

My work has been featured in international publications such as Frame Magazine, Disegno Magazine, Uncube Magazine, Temporary Art Review, Fount Magazine and Dating the Chorus. Furthermore, I've self-published texts in collaboration with Gogbot Festival and Onomatopee and am a member of the editorial team of Dating the Chorus.

I have worked as a coordinator of the master lecture programme at Design Academy Eindhoven and have worked as a freelance researcher and writer at Studio Makkink & Bey.

I write about personal experiences with arts and culture on Archive of Timebased Thought Experiments.

I have initiated social initiatives on food and skill sharing such as Food Loops, Fight Waste! as well as Free School Enschede, Freeshop 'Free Market' and Radical Criticality. I have been active in running the venue The Loch in Enschede. I am a member of the artists' collective Studio Complex. Thus, my experience with social initiatives continues to influence my practice as a writer and maker.

Further, I generally focus my writing practice on arts and culture and use my expertise as a trained designer to think analytically with reference to semiotics, the language of signs.