Jeannette Petrik is a cultural producer, a writer and maker interested in socio-cultural phenomena at the fringes and peripheries. She actively engages in projects which she understands as radical, honest and critical.

Jeannette Petrik considers language and design as an opportunity for public empowerment and skill sharing, as a tool for everyday politics and sees her role as grounded in an in-depth analysis of the dynamics inherent in social arrangements and material cultures. Putting into doubt our socio-ontological constants, our discursive and material routines, which structure our lifeworlds necessitates us to explore a mode of thought which cuts across convenient totalisations. Jeannette Petrik is dedicated to the facilitation of events of doubt in dialogue with her surrounding environment. After graduating from the BA (Hons) Product Design at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London, UK, she pursued a Master of Design in Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, NL.


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January 2019
Host at booklaunch and debate @ Aquarium, Berlin
I will host a talk and debate with activists from Berlin (Oranienplatz and #besetzen), Rio de Janeiro and Athens (City Plaza Hotel) around the publication 'Fighting for our spaces, fighting for our lives: Squatting movements today', edited by the Squatting everywhere Kollective, published by Edition Assemblage in 2018. The event will take place on Wed 23 Jan, 19:00h at Aquarium, Skalitzer Straße 6.

November 2018
Speaker at Anarchist Bookfair Amsterdam
I presented the book 'Fighting for our spaces, fighting for our lives' of the SqEK collective.

October 2018
Twentieth-Century Performance Reader
The piece 'Education is always about the future: An Interview with Tania Bruguera.' will be re-published in the following edition of the Twentieth-Century Performance Reader to be released in 2019, published by Routledge.

October 2018
Kajet Journal Issue 2: Launch Event
I spoke about my contribution entitled 'Teknivals as Prototypes for Utopian Imagination' to Kajet Journal's 2nd issue 'On Utopias' at the launch event at Atheneum in Amsterdam.

October 2018
Guest Lecturer at UC Berkeley
I will speak as a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley presenting the piece 'A Parasitical Breed of Consumer' to students of the fine arts department.

September 2018
Video Editing for Birth to Birth, Berlin
I've post-edited a series of video sessions of the online course 'How we Birth' with Michel Odent and Lilianna Lammers, initiated by Camalo Gaskin of Birth to Birth.

September 2018
Written contribution to Counter Colonial Aesthetics, Palermo
Together with restorator and historian Rianne de Beer, I'm developing a written dialogue on migration, craftsmanship and empowerment as part of the project 'Counter Colonial Aesthetics' initiated by Marginal Studio in Palermo, Italy. Over the duration of the exhibition, the piece will evolve into a discussion around the formation of individual identities within contemporary contexts.

September 2018
Cover design and screenprinting for GOODCOOPER|BADCOOPER
I've designed and hand-printed an edition of 200 sleeves for the sigle 'Fase/Bail out the Banks' by befriended band and DJ duo GOODCOOPER|BADCOOPER

August 2018
Roadtrip to Ukrtek
Four befriended Tekno soundsystems from the Netherlands and Germany traveled through Czech Republic, Slowenia, Hungary and Romania to the Ukraine to participate in the third edition of Ukrtek, a self-organised festival which took place in a deserted salt lake close to Odessa.

July 2018
Audio Bizzarro
I've designed a poster for the 'Audio Bizzarro' event series at Metropool Enschede. Designs for further events are to follow in the coming months.

July 2018
Residency at Casa GIAP
I've participated in the residency 'Creative Ecologies and Aesthetics of Autonomy' directed by TJ Demos and Grupo GIAP at Casa GIAP in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico ( Eight fellow artists participated in the program which focused on the aesthetic as well as performative methodologies of the Zapatismo movement.

More info on the residency on their Facebook page:

June 2018
FAQ @ Gibellina
FAQ visited Gibellina Nuova, il Grande Cretto and Ruderi di Poggioreale as part of the Dreams in Progress Tour organised by Fondazione Manifesto at Manifesta 12. As outcomes of FAQ's explorations stands a piece which combines photography and text.

June 2018
SqeK Conference in Catania
As 'FAQ' Mya Hang and Jeannette Petrik will present 'Voids of Eviction', their first collaborative documentary film project at the annual SqeK conference taking place in Catania this year. We're presenting the teaser for 'Episode 1: Studio Complex' and will use the opportunity to conduct further research on strategies of coping with voids left by evictions together with local and international activists and academic researchers. More info on the event via:

June 2018
Aneducation Slow Book Launch, Archive Books, Berlin
On 6 June, I will be DJing at the book launch of 'aneducation – documenta 14' edited by the 'aneducation' department of Documenta 14. More info on the event here: The publication will feature a range of reflective piece of writing by individuals with different positions within the hierarchy of the institution and varied perspectives onto their working experience. I contributed to the publication with a dialogical piece that reflects on 'Dating the Chorus' as a self-empowering educational project within which I used conversations with Philipp Spillmann, Yul Koh and Hanna Jurisch as resources for further reflection. More info on the publication can be found here:

June 2018
I will be spending the first half of the month of June in my city of birth to explore, adventure and research about current socio-cultural developments in the city (and to actively research about DIY modular synthesizers).

June 2018
Book Design for 'Fighting for our Spaces, Fighting for our Lives: Squatting Movements Today' by Squatting Everywhere Kollective
I've designed a book to be published by Edition Assemblage which has been edited by the SqeK Kollective. More info and an option for ordering the book via:

May 2018
Mini-Residency with Marginal Studio in Palermo
I've visited my friends and colleagues from Marginal Studio in their hometown Palermo for a weeklong 'mini-residency' and have used the opportunity to engage with their social design practice, the complexity of Palermo as a cultural environment and the opportunities and challenges which an emerging critical design studio encounters in the socio-political context of Sicily. My stay in Palermo was characterised by a challenging mix of critical discussion and conversation, exploration, observation and a self-directed reflective writing practice. The research conducted will form the basis for a written piece to be published by Design Observer ( later this year. The research trip and production of the piece has been made possible by a generous travel grant from the European Cultural Foundation (

April 2018
Voids of Eviction by FAQ: Mya Hang and Jeannette Petrik
Documentary filmmaker and motion designer Mya Hang and I have decided to embark on a long-term project entitled 'Voids of Eviction' which aims to document and critically reflect upon moments of change within 'counter-cultural' or 'alternative' socio-cultural projects and movements caused by the threat or the action of eviction. Voids left through conflicts and evictions can be of diverse nature and affected individuals develop a variety of coping mechanisms and strategies of action. These, we aim to explore through a series of dialogical documentary investigations, centred around squatting and other radical forms of relating to property and self-empowerment.

March 2018
What I’ve Learned: 28 Creatives Share Career-defining Insights
My interview with Joep van Lieshout for Frame Magazine has been re-published in the anthology of 'What I've Learned' by Frame Publishers.

March 2018
Contribution to 'How May I Help You?' publishing project
by Studio Makkink & Bey, edited by Jules van den Langenberg

I've produced a fictional call for an intern with the non-existent Studio Hieronymus Bosch through a new publishing and archival platform created by the design studio with I did and internship with and started working for as a freelancer after graduating from my master studies at Design Academy in Eindhoven. The piece I produced speaks about my personal ethics related to issues of work, passion, self-empowerment and education. So far, I haven't received any applications and, thus, didn't have to confront myself in practice with my own hypocricy in relation to the topic. The piece can be accessed via this link:

March 2018
Newsletter for Studio Complex
I've started collaborating with Tetem Kunstruimte Enschede to create a communication strategy for Studio Complex. Through Tetem Kunstruimte Studio Complex is now publishing a monthly newsletter which can be subscribed to via

Feb 2018
Collaboration with Mya Hang
Filmmaker Mya Hang and I are collaborating on the creation of a documentary film about Studio Complex and its re-location. Through means of interviews, informal conversations and observations, we aim to capture how the collective approaches the change its undergoing from a variety of perspectives with respective strategies and coping mechanisms.

Feb 2018
Website for Studio Complex
I designed, built and created content for the website of the art collective Studio Complex based in Enschede, NL.

Jan/ Feb 2018
Performance at Location - Plattform für Sound, Academy of Fine Arts Münster
I will be performing as 'Chebedajha' at Rundgang, the annual exhibition of students' work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster. Befriended art students Christopher Bohlen and Marie Samrotzki are creating a space for experiments with sound and music for the duration of the exhibition and are making it accessible to befriended musicians and performers. I will be sharing excerpts from my collection of vinyl with the audience.

Nov 2017
Seminar at ZHdK with Prof. Carmen Mörsch
Together with Maximilian Gallo, Hanna Jurisch, Yul Koh, Erik Ritzel, Philipp Spillmann und Verena Sprich I gave a seminar as part of Prof. Carmen Mörsch's course on art mediation in the context of the Master Art Education. We discussed the structure of art mediation at documenta 14 and spoke about our personal experiences as mediators. The session was characterised by an open and 'lesser-hierarchical' participative format of interacting.

Oct 2017
Everyday Criticality at Onomatopee
Together with Pablo Calderon Salazar, Amelie Derveloy, Silvia Dini Modigliani, Zeno Franchini, Giovanni Pezzato and Priscilla Suarez I've organised an informal session of workshops and conversations at Onomatopee in Eindhoven which have formed the basis for the production of three reflective publications. More information on the project can be found here:

Aug 2017
Dating the Chorus
As a member of the editorial team of the publication 'Dating the Chorus' I've collaborated with Erik Ritzel on the graphic design of the magazine. 'Dating the Chorus' makes voices from the Chorus of Documenta 14 visibe and discusses issues such as art-mediation, critical thinking in art and precarious work. My personal contribution to the publication is entitled 'Ignorance is Scary', referencing Banu Cenetoglu's work 'BEINGSAFEISSCARY' and Pope.L's 'Whispering Campaign' (which whispers "Ignorance is a Virtue"), both currently shown at the exhibition of the Documenta.

Jul 2017
'Education is always about the future: An Interview with Tania Bruguera'
Temporary Art Review published an interview with Tania Bruguera which I conducted in 2016.

Jun-Sep 2017
Documenta Kassel
I will participate at Documenta in Kassel as a member of the Chorus. This entails a dialogical, non-hierarchical, associative process of going for walks through the exhibitions together with visitors while uncovering critical themes and discussing hidden knowledge.

Feb 2017
Tec Art Rotterdam
I will be hosting an evening of talks and live-performances at Tec Art in Rotterdam. The same evening, Jan Krühler and I will show our noise performance 'Sollbruchstelle'.

Nov 2016
Mediations Conference
I participated at the conference 'Mediations' at the RCA in London, November 21-22, initated by Pablo Calderon Salazar and Michael Kaetheler.

Aug-Oct 2016
Re-location to Brazil
Temporary re-location to Brazil. Adventure, exploration, curiosity. Everyday life, routine, anti-tourism. Cultural expression, gender roles, fruit. Initiating collaborations with Frame Magazine, Onomatopee, Disegno Magazine.

May 2016
SqEK Conference Rotterdam
I have participated at a conference with a focus on researching European squatting movements and have presented the paper 'Art squats, Anti-squatting and Activism in Enschede' together with Jan Kruehler.

March 2016
Fount Magazine
Following an open call, the text 'The Uschi Principle' will be published soon in Fount Magazine.

February 2016
Traders Talk
'A Parasitical Breed of Consumer' is featured on the platform for discussion of socially-engaged projects 'Traders Talk', initiated by Pablo Calderon Salazar. You can view the project and follow the discussion through this link:

February 2016
Tec Art Rotterdam
In the context of the technology-art exhibition Tec Art, I participated in a discussion on the theme of Post-Singularity. My contributions to the discussion included a video describing the scenario of the Singularity and a diagram documenting the arguments mentioned in the course of the discussion.

January 2016
Curated by Studio Makkink & Bey the exhibition SuperLandEscapes draws connections between the oeuvre of the avant-garde architecture collective Superstudio and contemporary pieces of art and design which question the borders of nature, culture and their respective disciplines. I contributed to the exhibition with an essay that takes Superstudio's photocollage 'The Happy Island' as a point of reference.

November 2015
The site-specific group exhibition was the first public event organised by the newly formed Diversiteit Collective, a group of artists and squatters who have claimed the building of Hengelosestraat 701, Enschede and wish to put it to use through a variety of cultural happenings. Reflex.701 is the collective effort of a group of 16 artists who give insight into their impressions of the recently squatted building. In the context of the exhibition, I have presented a text that speaks about the relation between squatting and the arts as a result of dialogue with the other artists involved in the exhibition.

October 2015
Forum for an Attitude/ Forum fúr eine Haltung - Forum 1
On the theme of Solidarity, Depot Basel organised a think-tank for designers, artists, theorists and thinkers of other disciplines which I participated in. I contributed to the project's online presence with a reflective piece of writing on the session. It can be viewed through this link.

October 2015
Forum for an Attitude/ Forum fúr eine Haltung
Together with Zeno Franchini, I'm compiling research about the attitude of contemporary emerging designers. Our work will be shown at Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany and at Depot Basel, Switzerland

September 2015
Gogbot Festival, Theories of Future Visions
I edited and designed the publication The Internet of Things, Theories of Future Visions for Gogbot Festival, a festival of art and technology in Enschede, the Netherlands.

June 2014
Studio Complex
I joined the collective 'Studio Complex' in Enschede, the Netherlands.

May 2014
Right Here Right Now
I gave a performance at the symposium 'Right Here Right Now' at Onomatopee in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

March 2014
ALT - Alternative Learning Tank
I hosted a workshop session on 'Behaviour Encryption' together with artist Heath Bunting. The Alternative Learning Tank was developed by the New World Academy 2013, initiated by Jonas Staal.

January 2014
Simon Mari Pruys Prize for Design Criticism 2014
I was nominated for the Simon Mari Pruys Prize for Design Criticism with the text 'Gentrification Strategies'.

January 2014
Radicalizing the Local
I participated as a reporter in the symposium 'Freehouse: Radicalizing the Local' at the Wijkwaardenhuis in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The project was initiated by artist Jeanne van Heeswijk.

December 2013 - March 2014
The Museum of Arte Util
'A Parasitical Breed of Consumers' was shown at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven in the context of the exhibition 'The Museum of Arte Util'. Furthermore, I participated in the exhibition as a performance artist and held a series of workshops.

December 2013
New World Academy: Session III
I participated in the last session of the New World Academy on the subject of Leaderless Politics at BAK, Basis voor Actuele Kunst in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The project was initiated by artist Jonas Staal.

October 2013
Trade School Amsterdam
I gave a class at Trade School Amsterdam, entitled "Extremist Actions as Situationist Performances of Conviction". More info about the class through this link:

August 2013
Elsewhere Museum
I did an artist residency at Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. After a month of staying at this beautiful former thrift shop which artists and curators have transformed into a fascinating space for exploration and adventure, I produced the piece 'I like Elsewhere, Elsewhere likes Me'. The piece consists of a "suite of tools used for performative investigations into the complex nature of Elsewhere" as well as a book of "interviews and annotations that speak to that complexity." Elsewhere's documentation includes a video within which I reflect on my activity towards the end of the residency. (

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